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Providence Cristo Rey High School has officially purchased our new school building located at 2717 S. East St.!

After 14 years of learning and growing together at 75 N. Belleview Place, we are officially ready to begin a new chapter of achievement and success at our new campus home. Our new building is located at 2717 S. East St. This 131,000 square foot campus has everything our students, faculty, and staff will need to succeed. From spacious classrooms and a gorgeous regulation size gym to a top notch college and career counseling wing and over acres of green space, we could not be more excited for the features this new building will offer.

Features to look forward to...

131,000 sq. ft.

21.47 acres
of green

Regulation size gymnasium
and stage

Spacious cafeteria
and full kitchen

Soccer field
and outdoor track

+175 parking spaces including designated disability spots

Large, well-lit classrooms 

Plenty of space to grow!



Where are we moving?
We are moving to the former Christel House South Academy located at 2717 South East Street, Indianapolis, 46225.

Why are we moving/what are the advantages to moving?  

  • The facility is much newer than the current facility (early 1990’s as opposed to early 1900’s) which means fewer repairs

  • The facility is much larger (we will gain approximately 40,000 Square Feet) and the land that the school sits on is also much larger with a football/soccer field and track currently and with the future opportunity to create a baseball/softball field

  • The facility has a full size IHSAA regulation gym so we can host home contests for basketball, volleyball, and wrestling.

  • The facility has more space for administrative offices so that most staff will not have to share space as they do currently

  • The facility has a huge parking lot, plenty of room for staff, students and visitors!

  • While the new facility is a little further south than our current location, it is much more centrally located with regard to the east and west sides of the city.

  • The facility is air conditioned!

When will the move take place?

The move will be taking place during the first two weeks of July and is official as of June 29, 2022.

When can we see the new building?

We will be offering a couple of times for students/families to visit before we formally move in and will host a formal open house for our school community once we have settled in.

Will it be more expensive for my son/daughter to attend the new school?

No! The portion of tuition paid by our families will remain the same as it would if we stayed on Belleview Place. A third party, TADS, will still determine the amount each family will pay as in the past.

How will this affect bus routes? Will there be more stops added for students living close to the current location on Belleview Place?

We will still be offering transportation at no charge to families and many of the current bus stops will remain the same. We will be adding or changing bus stops as always based on the location of each family residence and those who currently live on the near west side in the Haughville area – bus stops will very likely be added near the current Belleview location.

Do you need help with the move?

At this point, no help is needed but we will communicate any need for help as we identify them.

Will class schedules change? Will lunch periods change?

Schedules and lunches will likely change due to increased class transition times as well as the increased size of the cafeteria. Those decisions will not be finalized until mid-summer.

Will the phone number, extensions, and emails change?

Although the main phone number and our emails will not change, faculty and staff extensions have changed. Please see our

staff directory for details.

What supports will you have for students in navigating the new building and getting to know the facility?

We will be communicating with students and families frequently and providing you with layout of the building both on the website and with printed maps that will be available at the reception desk. We will also provide students with tours prior to and during the first few days of school. Lastly, there will be a grace period in between classes for the first week of school for all students until they are comfortable navigating the building.

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