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Our 2021-22 Annual Report is a snapshot of our success so far. Our milestones would not be possible without the support of our donors, corporate partners, employees, students, and families. Thank you for being a part of the Providence Cristo Rey Family!


2026 Strategic Plan Vision Statement 

Over the next five years, Providence Cristo Rey will become the school of first choice


2026 Strategic Plan Approach 

1. Identify our constituents 

2. Identify their desired outcome 

3. Commit to exceeding their expectations 

4. Instill pride in every aspect of our institution 

Priority Areas for Improvement (PAI's)

1. College Readiness 


  • Increase school wide Average SAT growth by 5 points per year, reaching the network average in SY (school year) 23-24 and continuing to strive for high growth.

  • ​Improve fidelity of implementation of standards-based grading using proficiency scales and data driven decisions.

  • ​Increase student proficiency in Executive Function Skills by incorporating direct instruction and growth tracking in each academic class. 

  • Increase College enrollment from the current 84% to 95% by 2024 o Increase enrollment in 4-year colleges by 5% 

  • Increase College persistence by at least 5% per year 

2. Diversity & Inclusion


  • Create a culturally responsive environment for all constituents 

  • Create culturally responsive classrooms  

  • Increase student engagement in extracurricular activities 

  • Improve our MTSS (Multi-Tiered Support System)

  • Strengthen the PBIS (Positive Behavior & Intervention System) Program

  • Strengthen home/school relationships

3. Operational Vitality



  • Secure a freshman class of 70-85 students 

  • Establish a strategic, diverse, strong & robust feeder school program 

  • Create and manage a waitlist for incoming freshman classes 

  • Develop & execute an individualized marketing approach (summer of 2021) 

Corporate Work Study

  • Achieve CWS financial goals by focusing on renewal rates with current partners as well as new partnership additions 

  • Introduce and facilitate a CWS price structure increase to $6,200/student SY 21-22 

  • Enhance our student training program 


  • Establish yearly aggressive & achievable fund development goals

  • Establish yearly aggressive & achievable grant revenue goals

  • Create, organize and facilitate a comprehensive donor management program

  • Analyze associated giving histories among higher-level donors and plan to move them through increased levels of giving over time 

  • Re-evaluate the format of the Pride of Providence annual fundraiser dinner to ensure a welcoming and engaging event for all guests (summer of 2021) 

  • Institute a Planned Giving Program 

  • Create a specific funding focus for all events and mailing campaigns 

  • Manage and execute a capital campaign for the new campus project 

Marketing & Communications

  • Make PCR a well-recognized name and our CWS program a sought-after opportunity in the professional/corporate community of Indianapolis

  • Create a website and other branding materials that are effective and informative tools for the recruitment of prospective students, families, corporate partners, and donors

  • Create standardized branding for all major PCR events and complete communication plans & Pardot engagement studio programs for each event (by the end of SY 2023-2024) 

  • Create an active “Student Storytelling Group” per year to assist with content creation across marketing platforms and create a way for parents, faculty, and staff to routinely submit their “good news” stories to share with the community (starting SY 2021-2022) 

  • Establish branded and active social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to adequately serve and reflect all departments and the school as a whole

Business Operations

  • Develop robust and accurate budgets that achieve a year end positive balance 

  • Enhance & maintain sound investment strategies to strengthen school’s financial viability

  • Determine the appropriate location for, and successfully facilitate a move to our permanent campus

  • Create & execute a strategic facilities site plan to ensure our current & future campus is conducive for strategic goal achievement

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