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Providence Cristo Rey High School is committed to making a high-quality, Catholic, college preparatory education available to all. Our total annual tuition at Providence Cristo Rey High School is $19,000. However, through the unique combination of Corporate Work Study funding, Indiana CHOICE scholarships, grants, and financial aid, Providence Cristo Rey helps families experiencing financial challenges with tuition. 


This is an example of how financial aid can work for a family: 


of our families

receive financial aid 

  • No textbook fees

  • No athletic or bus fees

  • Uniform assistance for new students

  • All students receive a personal laptop

As you can see, Providence Cristo Rey is committed to making our tuition affordable for YOU!

Thanks to the contributions from our Corporate Work Study partners, a variety of scholarships, and generous donors, 

our 2021-22 average yearly family contribution was $300. 

At PCRHS, we believe that no student should be denied the opportunity to receive a high-quality education due to financial reasons. Therefore, we work with every family individually to ensure that our tuition will be affordable for you. Every family's contribution amount and financial aid received are determined on a case-by-case basis through TADS. The TADS application for financial aid is filled out with the help of our Admissions staff after an applicant has been granted admission and has enrolled. The Admissions Office will notify families of their financial aid package & yearly tuition amount once this process is complete. 

Indiana CHOICE Scholarship

Indiana's CHOICE Scholarship Program, commonly referred to as the voucher program, provides scholarships to eligible Indiana students to offset tuition costs at participating schools. Providence Cristo Rey is a participating school.


Students must satisfy student eligibility criteria, including household income requirements. Click here to find more information about the Indiana CHOICE Scholarship requirements.

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