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Sisters of Providence of Saint Mary of the Woods
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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Corporate Work Study Partner! Our partners play an instrumental and lasting role in our students' lives. 


If you would like to speak with us about this opportunity, please fill out the form below or call Jay Snyder at 317-860-1000 x 114.


President & Partner

Lauth Group, Inc.

“As a newer supporter of the Providence Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program, Lauth is already seeing the positive impact a professional business environment can have in the growth of these young men and women as they mature and begin their path in life beyond high school.


The experience the students receive at such a young age cannot be replicated in a traditional school setting. As such, these students are not only getting a head start on their peers within their local community, but on all other high school students regardless of their socioeconomic status.


At Lauth, we embrace the responsibility to contribute to the growth of our youth within our community in many ways, including training and teaching applicable work skills to the Providence Cristo Rey students. We specifically encourage students to take full advantage of the Corporate Work Study program, and reinforce the benefits of this life changing opportunity.


As an added benefit to Lauth, the Corporate Work Study students bring a different perspective on life to our workplace, which benefits our associates in many ways. We are proud to be part of an elite list of companies supporting PCRHS and its students.”

“Our company values of integrity, excellence, and respect for people combined with a long-standing commitment to engage with the communities in which we work, underpins both
our corporate support of PCRHS and that of the many individuals in our company who volunteer
their time and resources.


The education of our youth, particularly those with economic barriers, is vital to the health of our community and the Corporate Work Study Program at PCRHS is a foundational component of a proven educational platform to prepare students for success.


We are proud to host over 20 students each year in jobs throughout our campus and I have
personally witnessed the development and transformative gains made as students interact
in the corporate environment—a great investment from all perspectives!”


VP & Chief Technology Officer

Eli Lilly & Company



President & COO

MJ Insurance

“MJ Insurance is a purpose-driven company where we exist to inspire the success, fulfillment, and wellbeing of each person we serve. Not only do we serve our associates, their families, our clients, and our business partners, but equally as important to us is serving our communities that we live and work in. Whether it is a work environment or an entire community, we believe that cultures change one person at a time.


By employing PCRHS students at MJ, we strive to provide them with a real-life, professional experience, while also helping them understand how their current and future academic experiences can be applied. In doing so, we enter into our relationship with them as young, naïve children and by the time they graduate, they are mature, respectful adults more prepared for the next step in their lives than most other graduates.


An unexpected, yet very significant benefit of our involvement with the Corporate Work Study Program, is the enormous impact the students have on the hearts and minds of our associates. In fact, we often say we believe that they are positively impacting us as much, if not more, than we are impacting them. We are honored and privileged to be involved with PCRHS and thank the students, faculty, and all of the Corporate Work Study partners for their commitment to making Indianapolis and the surrounding communities a place we are all proud of!”