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Your donation towards our scholarship fund creates an educational opportunity for a student who may not otherwise have been able to afford this option. 


In addition to supporting PCRHS students and giving them access to a high-quality education they may not have received otherwise, Indiana donors receive a state tax credit of 50% of their donation amount when they donate through a scholarship granting organization (SGO). Donations also qualify as a charitable deduction on federal tax returns.


SGOs distribute scholarship funds to designated schools. Students must qualify financially to receive this scholarship.


Providence Cristo Rey's SGO is the Institute for Quality Education. While there are no limits to how much a donor can contribute to a qualified SGO, the entire tax credit program cannot award more than $14 million in credits this fiscal year (July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025). Click here to check how many credits remain.

Donate online to our SGO scholarship fund here.

If you are supporting our school with this option, you must designate Providence Cristo Rey High School as the recipient of your donation.

Or, download our school-specific donation form here.

Mail or drop off forms to:

Providence Cristo Rey High School

Attn: Ann Kellison

2717 S. East St.

Indianapolis, IN 46225

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