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Q: How does the program work?

The Providence Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program operates as an employee leasing agent. The students are employees of the program, not the corporate partner. In addition, the Corporate Work Study Program handles all payroll, W-4, I-9 compliance, Workers' Compensation, FICA, FUTA, and other employee concerns for the students. The Providence Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program complies with all Department of Labor regulations.

Q: What can students do at my company?

Students can perform data entry, Spanish-English translation services, document management, internet research, IT support, event support, mass mailings, reception, and most entry-level office work. Students work in Accounting, Communications, Customer Service, Human Resources, Legal, Logistics, and Tax Departments. The wide range of Corporate Work Study Program partners allows students to be exposed to more diverse corporate work. Job descriptions vary by corporation.

Q: Are students trained to work?

Before the school year, each student participates in a training program that helps them prepare for success in the classroom and the work environment. During this training, students learn Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), attend communication seminars, and witness professional behavior modeling. The Cristo Rey staff works 1:1 with students to upgrade their skills while supervisors identify areas where students need additional training.

Q: Who monitors the student workers?

Each Corporate Work Study Program corporate partner provides a supervisor who manages Cristo Rey students and corresponds with CWSP staff to ensure productivity. CWSP staff visits each business site regularly to gather feedback and enforce student accountability. Each student is responsible for completing a daily time card (which includes an evaluative piece). Additionally, Corporate Work Study Program partners complete Semester-End Performance Reviews to rate students. Based on supervisor evaluations, today, 94% of Cristo Rey student workers “Meet or Exceed Expectations” of their supervisors.

Q: Do students choose where they work?

CWSP staff carefully consider students' skills, interests, and the needs of our Corporate Partners to place them effectively. Plus, we host a CWS job fair every fall, where companies and students can meet, chat, and interview for positions they're interested in. It's a great way to connect students with employers in a more relaxed setting.

Q: As a corporate partner, what responsibilities will we have?

Your responsibilities will include: Providing a positive work environment for the students. Providing a supervisor who believes in the program and the success of the students. Provide meaningful work for the students and explain to them the importance of their role.

Q: If I have a problem with a student, do I deal with the student directly?

If there is ever an issue with a student in the workplace, you may deal with the student directly or you may contact the Corporate Work Study Program Office. Students may be replaced if there are any issues. In these rare cases, another student will be assigned.

Q: Why should a business participate in the program?

There are many reasons to participate: You will add productive, entry-level employees. Ensure cost-effective services for your business. Free up lower-level employees for more value-added work. Contribute to your workforce diversity. Students do not qualify for a headcount. Benefit your local community with immediate payoff. Providence Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program handles the administrative expenses. Develop a culture of community involvement among your employees.


Q: Is it possible to hire students during school breaks?

Yes, it is possible to hire students during school breaks. Since the Corporate Work Study Program operates like a staffing agency, it handles payment to the students earned for any extra work.

Q: How do we become a Corporate Partner?

 Please contact our Director of Corporate Work Study, Cindy Thompson at: to learn more.

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