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Each student at Providence Cristo Rey is expected to put into practice their call to be a saint and further the Kingdom of God by working to live out the Sister of Providence Values Statements of Love, Mercy, Justice, and Care for Creation.


Providence Cristo Rey requires a total of 50 hours of service for graduation. 

Service hours do not carry over to the next school year. 

Freshman year -- 10 Hours

Sophomore year -- 10 Hours

Junior Year -- 15 Hours

Senior Year -- 15 Hours

Students can serve at the churches they attend, with a local non-profit, or during a Providence Cristo Rey event such as an athletic game or open house.  Service hours cannot be completed for a family member.  

Upon completing service hours, students should fill out and have signed a copy of the Christian Service Hours Report returned to Campus Minister, Mark Berghoff. 


As a Catholic school rooted in the core values of Love, Mercy, and Justice, it is our duty to form students to become servant leaders and disciples of Christ Jesus to the world. This means forming students who will interact with the world around them through a lens of love, mercy, and justice.


The ultimate purpose of service as understood by the example set by Jesus Christ himself is to build relationships with those around us. The goal, then, is for students to understand that when we talk about “service” we are talking about forming/deepening relationships with people: family, friends, classmates, but also strangers, those in need, and even those whom we do not like.


We expect all our students to participate in community service activities such as:

  • Service Club

  • BLAST Service Trip during Spring Break

  • Service activities organized by the Student Council

  • Volunteering at Church

  • Day of Service

  • Helping around the school when needed

  • Supporting classmates and younger students


Furthermore, students will participate in a service-learning experience as part of their Theology class during their junior and senior year, focusing on living out our school’s commitment to service and social justice.

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