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General mask wearing

  • General mask wearing will be voluntary.  Students, staff, teachers and visitors can continue to wear masks but it will not be a general requirement.

  • Masks will be requested and required in specific situations (see Positive COVID test and other mask expectations.)

  • PCR will implement a temporary mask mandate if our school community (employees and students) reach a moderate or high level of positive COVID-19 cases.*

Hand sanitizing stations

  • PCR will continue to provide hand sanitizer for offices, classrooms and shared spaces throughout our school building.

Deep cleaning

  • PCR will continue our deep cleaning practices in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Positive COVID-19 procedures

  • PCR will continue to implement a minimum 5-day quarantine procedure for individuals who test positive.

  • PCR will continue to ask individuals with a positive COVID-19 test to wear a mask for at least 10 days after first symptoms to reduce risk of spread.

COVID-19 exposure procedures

  • PCR will continue to ask individuals to wear a mask for at least 5 days post direct exposure to COVID-19.

  • PCR will continue to ask for a COVID-19 test 3 to 5 days post direct exposure from all employees and staff.

Other mask expectations

  • PCR will continue to ask any community member (employee or student) to stay home if experiencing flu like symptoms.

  • PCR will continue to ask all community members to voluntarily wear a mask if/when experiencing flu like or cold symptoms.

* Marion County currently defines “high positivity rate” as 15% of the population. Given the small size of Providence Cristo Rey a high positivity rate within our community will be defined as 20%  (14 students, or 5 teachers, or 5 employees simultaneously in quarantine due to positive COVID-19 test).


If you would like to see more detailed information on Marion County COVID-19 Public Health Department recommendations or Marion County positivity rates please visit:


For more information on the Center for Disease Control recommendations for schools please visit:

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