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2017 Providence Award Winner Recognized for Resilience, Kindess

The 2017 Providence Award recipient is Azucena Guerrero. Azucena is a senior and will attend the University of Indianapolis. The Providence Award is the highest honor a PCRHS student can receive. Faculty and staff nominate the student they believe best exemplifies the school pledge. Azucena's nominations spoke about her work ethic, kindness, and resilience. "Azucena is many things. She is a good student, she is supportive of her classmates, she is successful at work, and she is always kind, polite, and attentive. She is resilient, focusing on school even when obstacles arose that would have derailed other students." "Azucena exemplifies the Providence Cristo Rey Pledge in ways that far supersede mere academic excellence. First, Azucena does strive for many cases, Azucena can set the tone for a classroom for focus and effort. She is an intrinsically driven student and takes personal responsibility for her learning. Even when faced with difficulties...she works independently, makes up work quickly, takes the initiative to get the help she needs, and is unwavering in her own expectations of excellence for herself." "Azucena is unwaveringly positive, respectful, and polite. She takes the lead in demonstrating maturity and respect. She is always gentle, kind, and polite to everyone, students, faculty, and staff alike. She carries herself with poise and dignity and treats others with respect and dignity." Congratulations to Azucena, and to our fifteen other nominees: Froylan Avila-Baez Brandon Hernandez Cheick Diallo Kristina McKinley Alexzander Johnson Lakia Harris Lon'Trell House Charles Orr Collin Rustin Alexys Taylor Johliel Austin Alvaro Gomez Brianna Carver Maritza Rafael Monica Hernandez 

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