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PCRHS Holds First Annual Day of Service

Providence Cristo Rey High School students, faculty & staff spent the morning volunteering at seven locations throughout Indianapolis.

The entire PCRHS community spent time doing everything from working in community gardens to answering middle school students' questions about high school life.

This is the first year that Providence Cristo Rey has held a Day of Service. Service partners for 2017 were: St. Anthony's Catholic School, Kindezi Academy, ICAN Academy, SENSE Charter School, Tabernacle Presbyterian, Andrew J. Brown Academy, & Vision Academy.

Principal Brian Dinkins said, "Our Day of Service is a wonderful way for our students to come together to do something that impacts their community. Many of our students were able to serve at schools they attended when they were younger. Our faculty and staff were so proud to watch them shine as young men and women of character today."

We would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Noel for sponsoring part of our day.

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