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First Annual Independent Investigations Science Fair Held

AP Physics and AP Chemistry students were given a chance to show off their knowledge and skills at our 1st Annual AP Independent Investigations Science Fair.

Juniors and seniors from both classes presented projects to judges. Students showed off their science knowledge and public speaking skills.

Before presenting the final awards, the judges let all the groups know how challenging the awards decision was for them.

Congratulations to the following student groups:

Best Overall: Crystal Violet (Katsumy Contreras & Georgia Rustin)

Best Physics Project: Look Mom, No Gravity (Quran Johnson & Froylan Avila)

Best Chemistry Project: Investigating the Validity of Nutrition Labels (Yoselin Martinez, Gustavo Adame, and Cesar Mares)

Out students would like to thank our AP Chemistry & AP Physics teachers, Anna Sluka & Elaine Grant, for their guidance during this project and for creating this opportunity for them.

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