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September Corporate Work Study Student of the Month Nominees

Thank you to all of our Corporate Work Study supervisors who nominated a student for the Corporate Work Study Student of the Month!

Congratulations to our Student of Month for September: Brandon Washington! Read more about Brandon and the other outstanding nominees below.

Brandon Washington, senior

Eskenazi Health

"In addition to repairing PC and medical devices in high priority situations for our operating rooms and emergency department (sometimes during live procedures!), Brandon has started training my new staff members, sharing all the knowledge he has gained over the years. He assists in getting them up to speed with all of the new hardware and software they'll need to use during their day to day duties.

Brandon is one of the most senior members of my 16 person team, and is widely looked up to by our newer members for his knowledge and passion for customer service. Brandon has met every challenge we've thrown at him. We are very happy to have him on board." -Andrew Ireland | Information Systems Support, Eskenazi Health

Iyonna Brooks, junior

Eli Lilly & Company

"Iyonna has a positive attitude at work with supervisors and co-workers. She is a solid performer, with perfect work attendance. She proactively begins work each day, checking her schedule to see if she has meetings, new assignments, or other activities.

She is friendly, open to new ideas, and happily provides assistance when needed. When asked to print resumes for upcoming interviews, she worked independently and cam up with a system for organizing them in a meaningful manner.

Following is a message from a business colleague about Iyonna, "Thank you for assigning to Iyonna this very valuable and necessary reporting project. She has done an excellent job! Our team vales this data reporting for several reasons, including it helping us to evaluate and make future investments. She is efficient, accurate, and fast with her work. We appreciate her attention to detail."

-Yvette Steinhardt | US Marketing Operations, Eli Lilly & Company

Leirra Carter, sophomore

Eli Lilly & Company

"Leirra is an exceptional student, and has a real hunger and desire to learn. This year I have her spending half days with a scientist in Investigative Toxicology. When she returns to her office she enthusiastically share with me all that she has learned and was able to participate in.

She supports the HR team in the afternoons and has done an excellent job with every task she has been given. She asks great questions if she doesn't understand something. She communicates in a very professional way, whether through email or in person.

She has had perfect attendance ALL of last year, and so far this year. She takes the dress code very seriously and follows it perfectly. -Amy Gilmore | HR for LRL/OBU, Eli Lilly & Company

Dasani Daniels Morton, sophomore

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church

"Dasani has a positive attitude at work with his supervisor and his co-workers. He has a solid work performance. Dasani also has perfect work attendance.

He has never had any issues at work and we are glad he is with us each week."

-Kristine Seals | Tabernacle Presbyterian Church

Justice Majors, junior

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church

"Justice has a positive attitude at work with her supervisor and his co-workers. She has had a solid work performance so far this year.

She has never had any issues at work. It always great to have her with us on Wednesdays."

-Kristine Seals | Tabernacle Presbyterian Church

DJ Strode, sophomore

Shepherd Insurance

"We are pleased to have DJ working with us at Shepherd. He is a great student and worker. He is quickly learning our systems & values and is fitting in well. He is kind, anxious to learn, and extremely helpful to anyone who asks. He comes ready to work and always lets us know when he has completed his tasks and asks for more work.

This week (with fractured fingers and all) he pitched in on a project without hesitation! DJ was also ready to present in front of your Career Shadow Day guests. During the preparation for this, he showed me many positive traits. He is shows initiative and appreciation for Shepherd and PCRHS." -Lisa Heldman | Shepherd Insurance.

Denise Mares, sophomore

Ice Miller

"Denise has been a very positive addition to our department. She is willing to work on whatever projects we give her and has an extremely strong work ethic. She is here on time, takes her breaks when she should, and always represents Providence Cristo Rey to the best of her ability. Because of her attention to detail, she was asked to work on a Marketing project for Ice Miller, in addition to the work she does for our Accounting team.

My main reason for nominating her is that Denise has gone above and beyond her requirements for our department and firm. She volunteered to work at a recent staff event...She was able to not only get to know us better, but also made quite the impression on her willingness to volunteer and serve.

She is a fantastic person, a great worker, and I feel she needs to be considered for Student of the Month!" - Justina Rowe | Accounting Coordinator, Ice Miller

Ashley Vasquez, sophomore

August Mack Environmental

"Ashley is very smart and capable. We have given her some tasks that other interns have found difficult, but Ashley was able to complete them with little to no issue.

She is not afraid to approach us with questions or ask for clarification. Ashley always shows up to work, and always completes her tasks fully and on-time. Furthermore, she displays a positive attitude and is friendly to everyone in the office.

Ashley has never been late or missed a day of work, is always in uniform, and we never have seen her using her cellphone or computers for personal use. We can't really say enough about how happy we are to have her as an intern!" -Emily Schaab & Sally McNealy | August Mack Environmental

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