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Dean of Students to Be Featured in Indianapolis Public Library Exhibit

Fred Yeakey, second from left, will be featured in an upcoming Indianapolis Public Library exhibit

Providence Cristo Rey High School's Dean of Students, Fred Yeakey, will be featured in the nationally touring exhibition, SONS, SEEING THE MODERN AFRICAN AMERICAN MALE at the Indianapolis Central Library from September 25, 2018 through October 31, 2018.

Mr. Yeakey is one of twenty African American men from Indianapolis that will be included in the exhibit during its time at The Indianapolis Public Library's Center for Black Literature & Culture.

Created by noted North Carolina photographer Jerry Taliaferro, SONS is a photographic study of the strength and impact of 60 black men across the country. Visitors to the exhibition are presented with two sets of photographs. The first set of images are black and white photographs of the subject, in which only the face is visible. The name of the subject is the only information provided.

The second set of images are color photographs in which the subjects are instructed "to be themselves" and present themselves as they believe themselves to be. These images are accompanied by much more information about the subjects. SONS seeks to facilitate conversation and a better understanding of our perceptions and prejudgements of other people.

A popular feature of the exhibit is the inclusion of portraits and videos of men from the hosting community. The Indianapolis Public Library received nominations for 58 men, out of which only 20 were selected.

Mr. Yeakey was nominated because of his work with youth at his church, at our school, and around the Indianapolis community. "I was deeply humbled to receive this news," he said after learning that he was chosen. "I am surprised, but truly thankful. I am excited and moved to be chosen to be part of this exhibit."

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