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Selfless Leadership on the Soccer Field

Beginning this year, the Indiana High School Athletic Association (IHSAA) is honoring those that go above and beyond in practicing good sportsmanship. Indiana high school principals and athletic directors can receive nominations for those in their school community that should receive a Face of Sportsmanship pin.

Our first recipient of the Face of Sportsmanship pin for this school year is junior Brian Adame! Brian is a captain of our Varsity Soccer team.

During a game against a tough opponent, a referee noticed that Brian was still passing to his younger teammates and encouraging them throughout the match. The referee was impressed that Brian was showing leadership by helping his teammates play their best, rather than trying to take over the game himself.

Though the Wolves lost the match, Brian’s positive attitude continued throughout the game. His leadership made such an impact on the referee that he let our Athletic Department know he should be recognized in this way.

If you see a parent, coach, or student athlete go above and beyond in practicing good sportsmanship at a school sporting event, let our Athletic Director, Andrew Dishman know about it! They may be the next Face of Sportsmanship!

Brian was recently featured in an article by The Criterion. Click here to read the online version.

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