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Advanced Science & Math Fair Competition Winners

72 students with 37 projects competed in the Advanced Science and Mathematics Fair at PCRHS on Tuesday, May 21st. Projects were presented in Anatomy, Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Statistics and AP Calculus.

After several rounds of judging and deliberation the review panel awarded the following honors:

Einstein Award of Excellence (best of the entire fair): Daisy Cortez and Jason Hernandez, who investigated the absorbance properties of colorants found naturally in fruits, and compared them to FD&C artificial colors.

Best Anatomy Project: Lesley Adame, Olivia Major and Danayt Ghebreiesus

Best Science Project (across disciplines): Dyrashay Phelps and Reality Leath, who investigated the effectiveness of a citric acid/sodium citrate buffer in maintaining the pH of a newly created soft drink made of natural ingredients.

Best Mathematics Project (across subjects): Iyonna Brooks and Amari Smith, who investigated the statistical significance of temperature variation on Betta fish behaviors.

Best Chemistry Project: Nolan Anderson and Taren Armour

Best Mathematics Project: Kareem Moran

Best Physics Project: Jaren Freeman and Aaron Spaulding

Students evaluated each other's projects and awarded the following honors:

Best Oral Presentation to Aaliyah Martin, Taylor Scott and Tommonica Hill (Anatomy)

Best Visuals and Board Layout to Adrianne Leggington (Anatomy)

Best Tie to the Real World to Kareem Moran (Mathematics)

Best Research Question to Nolan Anderson and Taren Armour (AP Chemistry)

Best Collaboration to Rayana Gowdy and Albert Downey (AP Physics)

Thank you to our STEM faculty and our judging panel!

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