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PCR in the IBJ

Providence Cristo Rey's Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) is one-of-a-kind here in the state of Indiana, and people are starting to notice!

In early September, the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) reached out to the school to learn more about the CWSP and see if they could put together a feature article about the program and the benefits it offers to students and local businesses alike.

Photo credit: IBJ photo/Eric Learned

The school was able to connect IBJ staff to four of its corporate partner companies, long-time partners AssuredPartners of Indiana, UnitedHealthcare, and Merchant's Capital, and one of it's newest partners, Cushman & Wakefield. All four companies described the positive outcomes that they have experienced in taking on student workers and the value they seen in collaborating in Providence Cristo Rey's mission to introduce its students to professional work environments.

As Judd Feldman, President of AssuredPartners of Indiana and board member of PCR stated in the article, "I really believe this affords emerging leaders within an organization the opportunity to take these students under their wing...It's a really good opportunity for an emerging leader in my opinion. We are all looking to develop talent...and we're all looking to attract talent to our respective industries. It's becoming more and more of an initiative across many, many industries."

Two PCR students, juniors Florgisel Garcia and Ja'Diah Smith also received special visit's on their Tuesday work day to be photographed for the article and later spoke with IBJ reporter Sam Stall to discuss their experience of the CWSP.

The printed article was published in the IBJ on September 10th. You can read the full online version at


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