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PCR Walks For Dreams

On the afternoon of Sunday, May 23rd, the sun beat down with surprising intensity for a spring day. Sunscreen was passed around as members of the Providence Cristo Rey community collected their T-shirts and chatted,

waiting patiently at the north end of the downtown canal for the 17th Annual Walking For Dreams Family and Pet Walk to begin.

It was PCR' first time participating in the event, a walk-a-thon that allowed local agencies to raise funds for their cause by recruiting local sponsors and inviting people walk either in person or virtually in support of their organizations. Providence decided to give it a try, with the specific goal of raising money for student life activities, such as Prom, student clubs, and transportation for after-school activities.

"I signed up for the Providence community and because I wanted to support the program," said sophomore Carlos Salcedo Lama, one of the students who showed up of the walk along with several of his friends.

Students were invited to sign up to walk on the "team" of a specific PCR faculty or staff member with the incentive of prizes for the teams who recruited the most members and those who raised the most funds. Students soon began to rally around certain teams, like those of Campus Minister, Mr. Gonzalez and the ever popular Sr. Kathleen.

In addition to students, faculty, and staff and their families, many of PCR' Corporate Work Study Partners and supporters braved the heat to walk alongside the school community in support of its mission. Companies such as August Mack, MJ Insurance, United Healthcare, Tom Wood Automotive, and Lauth Property Group came out in person to accompany their student workers.

With over 70 participants, Providence's group was by far one of the largest of the 20 agencies that showed up to participate. The energy was palpable as the walkers, some with their furry friends in tow, crossed the starting line in mass and slowly broke into clusters as they strolled down the length of the canal.

"The walk-a-thon was pretty fun," Carlos' fellow sophomore, Emily Sumano, said. "Walking with everybody was great. And the walk was a good distraction from school and everything that's going on."

In the end, the fundraiser exceeded the school's expectations - thanks to everyone's generosity, PCR was able to raise over $20,000, an impressive amount for the fundraiser's first year.

"I'm very happy with how everything turned out," said PCR's Director of Marketing and Communications, Allison Dethlefs. "You never know what's going to happen when putting together an event for the first time, so I was incredibly excited to see so many people to show up to support us. After a year that's been so short on community, it was beautiful to finally be able to gather together and show up for one another in this way."


Walking in Spirit

Not only did our community members make their way down to the canal for the walk - PCR was also joined in spirit and solidarity by an amazing group of 26 Sisters of Providence who walked 'virtually' up at Saint-Mary-of-the-Woods. While several of the sisters, including one of PCR's board members, Sr. Jenny Howard, walked on behalf of the school downtown, Sr. Jeanne Hagelskamp, PCR's founding principal, led the group of walkers up at the Woods.

In addition to paying in sweat and steps, the sisters raised a whopping $825 toward the school's walk-a-thon fundraising goal! PCR is blessed to have such active sponsors and grateful to the Sisters of Providence for being constant supporters and advocates for the school and for its students and mission.


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