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WTHR Interviews PCR Students about the Inauguration

As the live broadcast of Inauguration Day festivities swept the nation, classrooms around PCR tuned in to the historic proceedings. Providence's plan to allow their teachers and students to watch the Inauguration during their lunches and advisories caught the attention of Channel 13 WTHR newscasters!

Reporter Rich Nye, joined our students as they listened intently to newly elected President Biden's speech and interviewed students afterwards about their takeaways and their hopes for their futures as well as the future of the country. One of the students interviewed, senior I'Yesha Collins felt a special connection with the speech as she had been able to cast her ballot in November as a first-time voter. Other students, like freshman Lovee Waldon, felt a sense of hopefulness as they listened to Biden's speech and his call for unity. Lovee hopes to become president herself someday - in the year of 2048 to be specific - and saw the swearing in of America's first African-American, Asian-American female Vice President as an inspiration, proof that her own dreams are indeed possible.


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